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Fruits n Seven marks a return to the roots of casino slot games, based on the kind of machines that could be found in large numbers in land based casinos around the world. There is a certain magic and charm to the original slot experience that has fallen somewhat to the wayside following the creation of numerous games that are themed around virtually anything, from fantasy characters to historical figures.

Fruits n Seven

When creating the game, Novomatic’s intentions were clear. Rather than adding extra features and bonuses, they wanted the player to feel like they were actually at a real casino, while incorporating all of the benefits and comforts that come with playing from their own home.

The first thing that will strike the player upon loading Fruits n Seven is the layout. The blue background and large reels combined with the bold, simple fruit symbols truly capture the spirit of the older machines. Even the simple logo in the title bar that consists of a large 7 surrounded by the various fruits that make up the game’s symbols has a certain retro charm. At the same time, none of the graphical touches detract from the gameplay. Instead, they enhance it through simplicity and clarity.

The gaming experience itself couldn’t be easier. Players do not need to select their number of win lines; the game sets it at five by default and this remains the case throughout play. All they need to potentially change is their stake level, which can vary between €0.08 and €20.00 per line. The stake level obviously affects the prize pay outs, and the various pay outs can be seen at any time by clicking on the ‘Paytable’ button, which is active whenever an active spin isn’t in play.

As would be expected from such a simplistic take on the online slot genre, players simply need to match three or more symbols starting from the left reel, and across any win line. Certain symbols also pay out for matching only two, although the pay outs for doing so are relatively meagre. The more fruits that match, the bigger the win.

When a winning spin does occur, players have two options. The ‘Start’ button is replaced by the ‘Collect’ button, and the ‘Gamble’ button alongside it lights up. If a player collects, the win from their spin is immediately transferred to their balance. However, if they’re feeling adventurous, they can opt to gamble, where they are taken to a mini game with their win on the line. The mini game itself takes the form of a pyramid of flashing lights. At the top sits the big prize, equating to a multiple of the player’s line bet. In order to reach it, the player must gamble successfully several times. The game is based on a flashing bar. In order to double their money, the player must hit ‘Gamble’ again while the bar is lit. It is purely luck based, but is programmed as a 50/50 chance of winning.


Certain larger wins are rewarded not only with cash prizes, but also spin games, or ‘SG’ as they are abbreviated within the playing area. These are basically free spins, although not on the reels themselves as the player may expect. Instead, they are taken to a separate mini game with a spinning wheel. This wheel generally includes a cash amount on most segments, plus the opportunity to win further free spins, plus a blank, where no prizes are won. Each ‘MG’ gives the player one spin on the wheel and the opportunity to massively increase their winnings.

‘MG’s are counted as additional prizes. When they are awarded from a winning spin, they also appear in the gamble game. If the player successfully doubles their prize, they also double the number of ‘MG’ spins, and continue to do so in the gamble game until they either lose a gamble or collect their prize

The final special feature of Fruits n Seven is the progressive jackpot. As with most jackpots of its kind, the jackpot continues to increase based on money entered into the machine by all linked players. The prize pool is displayed just above the ‘Start’ button, and updates dynamically depending on the player’s line bet. This ensures fairness, as each player has an equal chance at the jackpot, won by spinning in five 7s in a row. The jackpot usually also includes ‘MG’ games.

Fruits n Seven is an ideal introductory game for those new to online slots, and a particularly good choice for those who are making the step up from land based casinos to the online gaming world.

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